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TV actor Esai Morales, whose fine, hunky work has graced such well-regarded series as NYPD Blue and the short-lived Vanished, was slapped with a lawsuit filed yesterday by former live-in girlfriend Elizabeth Mazzocchi. She claims that not only did her ex-lover batter and force himself on her, but he also knowingly infected her with a dreaded and unmanageable social disease that has also been known to afflict 1 in 1 ex-con socialites. claims firstsies on the explosive court documents:

According to the complaint, Morales assaulted her "on or about May 19, 2006, whereby Defendant forcibly...had sex with Plaintiff over her repeated verbal protests and attempts to escape."

Mazzocchi alleges that Morales physically assaulted her in a separate incident in November, 2006, "[k]icking, punching and chasing Plaintiff which resulted in Plaintiff calling 911."

Mazzocchi further charges Morales with intentionally infecting her with herpes, according to court papers obtained by In addition to the explosive claims of sexual and physical violence, Mazzocchi claims the "NYPD Blue" actor owes her $25,000.

While the scandalous accusations are certainly nothing any working actor would actively court, Morales may find a silver lining in the unwelcome publicity, when producers and casting directors throw out, "Hey, what about the one with all the rape and the herpes? Is he available?" instead of gravitating towards one of Morales's more sought-after, less controversial peers like Benjamin Bratt or Jimmy Smits.