This month's Vogue—the one with not-so-reformed shoplifter Winona Ryder on the cover—profiles Hillary Clinton's traveling chief-of-staff Huma Abedin, in an article that both reveals more and says less about Abedin than the Observer's April profile of her. (The Observer piece, as Vogue helpfully points out, was done without Abedin's cooperation.) Abedin comes across as an incredibly effective, stylish, attractive, über-woman without whom her boss would be lost. (This is accurate!) And also a control freak. There's this telling bit when the writer, Rebecca Johnson, is allowed to look at Abedin's BlackBerry—but only if she agrees not to write who's in it. ("Some of the most famous names in America." Mmkay!) But then, why the non sequitur about John Cusack and Lance Armstrong?

Looking through Abedin's closet, you can see the progression from a young college graduate who wore Ann Taylor suits, thrilled to land a job as an intern in the White House, to, eleven years later, a Chanel-wearing, deeply confident 32-year-old woman whose BlackBerry contains some of the most famous names in America—she lets me look only if I agree not to say who. (I do manage to learn she has been close with actor John Cusack and Lance Armstrong.)

Uh, ok! Is "has been close" the new euphemism for, at least in Cusack's case, "dated for two years"? We're going with... yes.

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