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Later today, angel-faced actor Matt Damon, his knees still lightly bruised from his humble reception of the gift of Grauman's immortality, will receive a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, an honor in no way connected to the imminent opening of The Bourne Ultimatum, in theaters August 3rd.

As we all know by know, this special occasion demands the purchase of ads in the trade papers by the studios, agencies, and other interested parties wanting to maintain relationships with the honoree, so today the likes of Universal, Endeavor, and Jimmy Kimmel (actual text: "Dear Matt, Congratulations on the star and sorry we ran out of time. We'll try to squeeze you in soon. Your pal, Jimmy. P.S. This ad cost me $8,512") have lavished their compulsory love upon the pages of Variety and THR. One unexpected tribute, however, is the quarter-pager taken out by Damon's beloved Red Sox; presumably, should less frequently employed creative partner and Fenway Park ubiquity Ben Affleck ever receive his own star, the team will spring for a two-page spread to thank him for so visibly filling the seats near their home dugout during his downtime.

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