Bloggy Dylan Stableford is leaving Mediabistro's Fishbowl NY after a year and a half. Sniff! He's going back to his old company in Connecticut to do all sorts of secret Folio web things. His replacements are former Gridskipper contributor Neal Ungerleider and Corsair blogger Ron Mwangaguhunga, who, at least according to his highly-regular Facebook status updates, has been really wanting the job for some time now! Well congrats, big guy! In other MB musical chairs, new TV Newser Chris Ariens got stuck with Dylan's other responsibility as managing editor of the entire site. It's worth noting that this is Mediabistro's fifth staff departure (that we know of!) since March. Does the boa have fleas? The full text of Dylan's farewell email follows. We'd like to see that uneven tan, please!

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From: Dylan Stableford
Date: Aug 2, 2007 12:52 PM
Subject: ruined my sex life

* Actually, not at all. Just wanted to get y'all to read this. *

A month or so ago (i.e. before the phrase "twenty-three-million" became synonymous with mediabistro) I was approached by my former company, Red 7 Media, with a great offer. I've decided to take it. I gave notice to Laurel a couple weeks ago, but was under strict orders not to say anything until after the sale/TVNewser party hangovers were sufficiently medicated.

I want you all to know that it was truly a tough decision because I love working with everyone here, and I think it's an exciting time for mb. But there's a lot of stuff I have been putting off — a music site that's gonna put Billboard to shame, a book proposal about (my nemesis) John Cusack, a non-profit skateboard project, etc. — and normal guy stuff (dog, mojitos, uneven tan) which I really don't want to put off any longer. Moreover, I'm really proud of what we've accomplished in the year-and-change I've been
here (more than doubled traffic across all of our blogs, broken some big media stories, infuriated a CEO in his townhouse) and for the most part accomplished what I had really set out to do: carve out a place for mediabistro in the national media conversation. I can only imagine the upward spiral's gonna continue.

I want to thank Laurel, Kyle, Omer — and Taffy, who let me teach humor writing classes on little more than a hunch; Carmen thereafter — for giving me the opportunity.

My last day in the office is Friday, but I am going to continue to work closely with Chris, Rebecca, Noah and the bloggers in the short-term, and will contribute to the site and blogs as (hopefully) a regular contributor.

You can always reach me at the following coordinates. Use them often:

Dylan Stableford
[address, email redacted]

p.s. I would rather not accept parting gifts, but if you must, high-end tequila never hurt anybody.

Oh, sure it didn't.