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Promises, promises. Flickr cofounders Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield, we hear, are finally introducing video to the photo-sharing site they sold to Yahoo in 2005. But they've taken their sweet time. First Fake told Engadget back in 2004 that she wanted the site to introduce "short-form video." Then she told ZDNet's Dan Farber in December 2005 that it was being "hotly debated and discussed on the team." And Butterfield hinted last May that his photo sharing site would host moving pictures "soon." For some value of "soon." Here's the reason for the latest delay.

It appears that Flickr's video efforts have been tied up by Yahoo's slow-moving response to Google's popular YouTube video site. At long last, Yahoo's tying together its video properties, and Flickr's part of the grand plan. One hopes it will happen before the Flickr couple's newborn is old enough to drive.