As of 6:30 this morning, the 4/5/6 line was running at "slower speeds" because of "water on the tracks." Congratulations, New York, we're finally a third world country! If we were terrorists we'd just sit back and let the weather take care of things. Anyway, we weren't the only one with problems. Big trouble up at the Time Warner Center, the Mordor that marks the northern border of Midtown.

A tipster writes:

A wet mess at the Time Warner Center this morning. We can't use any of the elevators that service all of the CNN floors. Apparently, the torrential downpour caused flooding in the elevator banks that stop on 1 through 10. Either a drain pipe burst or a vent was left open and water poured in. It was cascading down through the elevator shafts and water pooled on all of the floors by the elevators. So much for being in an luxurious, state of the art new building. Employees had to enter through the North tower and navigate a maze of hallways and stairs to get to their floors and studios. The water apparently also messed up some of the internal video feeds. But naturally, the thing that people seemed to be most concerned about is how the heck are they going to get up to that glorious corporate cafeteria on the 10th floor for their egg white omelettes.

You don't wanna see Anderson Cooper when he's wet. He's like one of those little shivery dogs. And hey, it's tough all over.