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Like Snoop Dogg before him, actor Ed Harris is the latest American celebrity to cause a ruckus at London's Heathrow Airport. While officials should have rightly waived the actor through the sounding metal detectors on the strength of his transcendent supporting work in The Hours alone, the actor's mini-tantrum and the ensuing discovery of a knife in his pocket instead resulted in Harris being taken into police custody and missing his flight to L.A. The Mirror reports:

An airport source told the Mirror: "Ed Harris landed himself in hot water because he made such a fool of - himself. He was affronted that security officers dared to ask him to empty his pockets as he went through a checkpoint near passport control.

"Harris lobbed his keys on to a table in front of security staff and the coins in his pocket went everywhere.

"Harris was left to calm down and then questioned for hours. He missed his flight and realised what he'd done was stupid.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "A 56-year-old US citizen was given a few words of advice and allowed to board his flight."

Clearly, the London police spokesman sought to make a point with his generic description of the celebrated actor—that while on his native soil, Harris might be treated like a heroic astronaut, modern art genius, or any of the other iconic roles with which he is associated, in the U.K., he remains nothing but another grumpy 56-year-old who still hasn't managed to win an Oscar.