On Friday, re-arrested Asian supremacist Kenneth Eng made bail to the tune of $500,000. Eng faces federal charges for repeatedly threatening a fellow N.Y.U. film student over the phone. Fortunately for all of us, the repercussions for these threats gave Eng a chance to consider the place of the Jews in his Big Book Of Spite.

The warrant says Eng was kicked out of his film class in 2003 after impugning a classmate's work and calling her a "Negro."

The professor and several other students told Eng that his comments were inappropriate, leading to his ouster.

In response, Eng wrote to the teacher: "I was recently pondering whether I should continue to think of Jews as equals, but I think your actions have made up my mind. Good day."

You know, we've been pondering the same issue. We think we're gonna have to take the other side on this one.