Consider the moth: It knows that it will be incinerated by the flame, but it is nonetheless unable to avoid its flickering intensity and fatal embrace. Much like that proverbial insect, Alex Blagg is drawn to the photos of toxic hipsters engaging in their bizarre rituals at Cobrasnake, Last Night's Party, and, of course, Misshapes. Feel the heat? Prepare to be sizzled: It's Blue States Lose!

10.Misshapes. August 11th, 2007 photo #035: Some emo kids are so sad they can even make rainbows cry.

9.Misshapes. August 11th, 2007 photo #028: This picture could only be more perfect if an aborted fetus made of glitter popped out of her crotch and did a Broadway showtune rendition of The Knife's "Heartbeats" before magically flying away into the night.

8. The Cobrasnake. Uffie LAX to LAX photo #8835: Faggy Nosedust and Clicheopatra have spend all day putting on their glitter make-up and they really hope you like it, so click on that link and give 'em the admiration they deserve!

7. Misshapes. August 11th, 2007 photo #205: Do you ever look at someone and just know they have a blog, and that it's unspeakably terrible?

6. Misshapes. August 11th, 2007 photo #093: I love what you're doing here (especially in the pants department), but I don't see those fucking jazz hands!

5. NY Observer. Misshapes article:Sure, the Misshapes might DJ for the sellout corporate gig here and there, but they, like, don't really care about it when they do so it's just, you know, whatever.

4. Misshapes. August 11th, 2007 photo #008: In case you've ever wondered what the Care Bear Stare might feel like coming from a bisexual European boy in a purple velour dinner jacket.

3. Misshapes. August 11th, 2007 photo #147: Well it's about fucking time someone finally got around to bringing the "70's suburban Jersey mom in a jumpsuit" look back.

2. Last Night's Party. Vie En Rose photo #939 (NSFW): Should I ever decide to have kids someday, and should at least one of them turn out to be girl, it will be my sincerest hope as a father that one day, after a childhood in which I've given my daughter everything she could want or need, and she has finally grown up into her 20's, that she will be photographed with her shirt pulled up and her tits hanging out, as someone lowers fake bling necklaces into her mouth, which is full of frothed champagne that actually looks like semen. Then I hope that picture will be posted somewhere on the Internet where thousands of people will look at it.

1. Misshapes. August 11th, 2007 photo #160: It's like a whole creepy Japanese horror film synthesized into a single utterly terrifying photographic nightmare. Can you imagine if this evil little man-demon was your roommate, and every time you borrowed a little of his soy milk for your cereal he just looked at you like this while breathing heavily?

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