So! The Box was raided Thursday night, according to reports from Page Six and Eater, and while the cops searched the hoi polloi for drugs, famous people like Cameron Diaz and Jay-Z (and, uh, inveterate New York nightlife enjoyer Cuba Gooding Jr.) were allowed to sneak out of the club:

One stunned onlooker told us, "All these cops busted in, and they were searching people. They lined people up near the bathroom and started going through their stuff. Nobody seemed to understand what was going on."

Oh, really? Maybe because everyone was so yay'ed up that it seemed like part of the show? Though as Page Six points out, "The 1 a.m. raid forced the club to cancel its second show of the night, a revue featuring scantily clad showgirls, a gender-bending singer and a dancing dwarf." A gender-bending singer? Would that be a tranny? Let's call a spade a spade, people! But, uh, seriously? Anyone else have any info on what went down? Let us know!

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