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Bad enough that Facebook has stolen Google's buzz, recruited away top engineers, and dashed its hopes of being a player in social networks. Now, Valleywag has learned, a team of scrappy Facebookers has dealt those smug, self-satisfied, arrogant, overfed Googlers a humiliation where it really matters — on the ultimate frisbee field, that is. Ultimate frisbee, a sport mixing soccer and frisbee-tossing, is popular on the college campuses where Facebook first grew popular. Google's team, unwisely, challenged their Facebook counterparts to a game on the Stanford campus. The result? A 15-11 win for Facebook. Carolyn Abram, Facebook's resident blogger and a team member, adds a first-hand report:

I heard you heard about Facebook's ultimate frisbee game with Google last night. Just wanted to confirm that this was the first of many Google-Facebook matchups. We're looking to hire great engineers. Please let people know to include ultimate experience on their resume when applying.

So there you have it, folks: The easiest way to get hired at Facebook is to come on as a ringer on their ultimate frisbee team. (Photo courtesy of the Ultimate Players Association)