Rosie O'Donnell's next project, a memoir about the trials and tribulations of a reluctant TV personality called Celebrity Detox, has inadvertently become the source of much hand-wringing and stress for the Elisabeth Hasselbeck-targeting headshot vandal. O'Donnell has thus returned to the one true friend she can rely on to never tire of her constant, eardrum-rupturing complaining—her blog—and vented her frustrations upon its virtual pages:

O'Donnell wrote on her blog, that she received a copy of her new book (due in stores on Oct. 2), "Celebrity Detox (The Fame Game)," and was shocked by notes on the sleeve of the hardcover.

"So i just got my first hard copy of my new book CELEBRITY DETOX there on the front flap in print 'when rosie odonnells (sic) mother was diagnosed with cancer in 1968, ten year old rosie thought fame could cure her,' i was born in 1962 my mother was diagnosed in 1973 WTF!" the actress and former "View" moderator wrote. [...]

"I want to scream NO ONIONS at every one (sic)," Rosie typed. "this book has been more of a pain in the a** than it was worth."

We think the reference to onions had something to do with her tantrum-throwing idol, Jeff Lewis of Bravo's Flipping Out, though that footnote won't likely provide much comfort to the employees of Grand Central Publishing when a rampaging O'Donnell storms their headquarters and shouts, "NO ONIONS!" directly into their faces. Sadly, sometimes loudly quoting dietary restriction catchphrases from obscure reality TV shows is the only way they'll learn. We only hope the comedian's strong reaction doesn't end up backfiring, however, resulting in the revised book flap reading, "in 1973, Rosie O'Donnell forced her mother to eat so many onions she gave her cancer. This is her story."