Photo: AP

A military vehicle in Fort Hood, Texas, overturned at a flooded crossing on Thursday, killing three soldiers and leaving another six missing. Three other soldiers were successfully rescued and are in stable condition, KXAN reports.

Authorities say that military, state and local rescue agencies are currently searching for the soldiers who went missing in the region recently hit by heavy storms. From

A new round of severe thunderstorms drenched southeast Texas that morning, forcing Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to declared a state of disaster across 31 counties.

At least two dozen streets were closed, including a stretch of Interstate 35 in San Antonio early Thursday. At least two high water rescues were conducted, one near Lackland Air Force Base, according to the National Weather Service.

Heavy rain was falling at a rate of up to 3 inches per hour, said meteorologist Jonathan Erdman, leading to more flash flooding.

In addition to the soldiers, at least seven other people have died since flooding began in the Plains states last week.

“It’s pretty serious around here right now,” a Fort Hood spokesperson told Buzzfeed News. “Everybody here is doing the best they can to piece together what happened.”