Thomas Keller's French Laundry restaurant suffered a Christmas day wine robbery—certainly, the worst kind of robbery either a three-star Michelin rated restaurant or any old wine fan could suffer.

The Los Angeles Times reports the thieves took 76 rare and collectible bottles worth a combined $300,000, many worth around $15,000 each. Thomas Keller posted about the robbery on Twitter:

The chef released a statement this morning, noting that the restaurant will continue with its kitchen remodel as scheduled, which, according to the Times, will keep the French Laundry closed for about six months:

"We are working with local law enforcement in this ongoing investigation and appreciate any information the community may have that could help us identify the offenders. We look forward to rebuilding our cellar and moving forward with The French Laundry's kitchen remodel."

Good luck to Thomas Keller and the French Laundry, I hope they regain their stolen property soon.

Though, I'm not sure why he didn't just call wine-1-1.

[image via Facebook]