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Even though most domestic entertainment consumers chose to spend the entire weekend researching their Emmy pool picks, the multiplexes remained open, hoping to lure those fatigued from the demanding intellectual exercise with pleasant, air-conditioned places in which to take study breaks. These are the weekend numbers:

1. The Brave One - $14.015 million
For a second straight weekend, American moviegoers largely ignored the big-screen product the studios dumped into theaters, showing roughly the same level of grudging interest in Jodie Foster's vigilante gunplay as they did in Russell Crowe and Christian Bale's period drama about the obstacles facing commuters in the Old West. But as pointed out by our east-coasted siblings at Gawker, at least one high-profile movie fan was excited about The Brave One's achievement, celebrating Foster's claiming of the top spot with this classy tribute.

2. 3:10 to Yuma - $9.150 million
Spoiler alert: Though each scene shared by dangerous outlaw Russell Crowe and desperate, peg-legged rancher Christian Bale crackles with sexual tension (especially with the looming threat that Crowe's stalkerish, estranged lover might appear at any moment heightening our anticipation), our grizzled heroes never do get around to booking a sleeper car on that mid-afternoon train to Yuma to further explore their complicated relationship.

3. Mr. Woodcock - $9.1 million
The weak recent openings for both Balls of Fury and Woodcock probably means that one-sheet designers will abandon the testicular imagery that was red-hot just a couple of weeks ago.

4. Dragon Wars - $5.376 million
We don't want to live in a world where Robert Forster can't open a South Korean dragon epic to at least $10 million.

5. Superbad - $5.2 million
We're fresh out of penis-doodle and menstrual blood jokes, so let's move along to the rest our day, shall we?