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Oh ho, Mayor Bloomberg's in trouble.... It seems last week's EEOC sexual discrimination lawsuit against his company, Bloomberg LP, was just the tip of the iceberg. Bloomberg's been kind of douchey for years, though he says the outfit is a Disneyland of family values.

But what company gets sued this hard and this much?

"Mayor Bloomberg's media and financial-services company is a 'cesspool of discrimination' where some females, people over 35 and employees with health problems are harassed, belittled and 'managed out' of the company, according to dozens of lawsuits and complaints," say the Post—which even goes back to recall a mid-90s incident in which Michael Bloomberg himself was alleged to have told an employee "If only you had legs and ass like Cybill Shepherd."

But good news! All this may actually improve his chances for a run at the White House, now that we think about it. What will not: hiding out in his grand London pad with Red Ken Livingstone,