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Hollywood fleshpeddler Heidi Fleiss's long-gestating Stud Farm project—a gender-reversed counterpart to Nevada's Chicken and Bunny Ranches that will offer a wide menu of U.S. Grade-A certified he-steak to a man-famished female clientele—is currently fielding applications from sexually potent candidates eager to be included among its stud stable. From

This establishment will hire men to service women. There will be no male to male sexual services offered.

We will hire 20 men and 10 on stand-by. Lady customers will be charged $250.00 an hour that will be split 50-50 to the house. Men will be able to keep all tips. They will be charged a weekly rate for a housekeeper, room, board, and food. Weekly tests for STDS and HIV are mandatory. [...]

HBO is filming the building of a brothel, it will be up to the individual to participate. If one does not want to participate it will not effect their employment.

In addition to lucrative careers as premium hustlers, and the national notoriety that comes along with being featured on Real Sex CXVI: Desert Gigolos (which, paired with a Tell Me You Love Me episode, will make for an all-osteoporotic-erotica programming block), the lucky 30 will of course also receive the Fleiss Family discount at her nearby Dirty Laundry fluff n' fold, ensuring no Stud Farm customers will ever have to face a less than pristine banana-hammock during their $250 pleasure-filled hour.