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In today's episode: David Geffen; Gary Shandling; David Thewlis; Seth Green; T.R. Knight and Kendra Wilkinson; Katherine Heigl; Kevin Dillon; Victoria Beckham; Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, and BJ Novak; Justin Chambers; Alyson Hannigan; Damian Lewis, Jonny Lee Miller, and Christopher Eccleston; Khalid Abdalla, Homayon Ershadi, and Atossa Leoni; Spencer Pratt; Bai Ling, and Matt Sorum. In Chicago: Dave Beckham; Seal and Heidi Klum.

· 10/21 - The elusive David Geffen, with an unidentified male companion, left his home planet of Malibu to nosh at Nate 'N Al's on Sunday morning.

· Gary Shandling at 3pm Wednesday, October 17th in Beverly Hills, in the Angelina Frozen Yogurt store on North Bedford Drive - over heard for all to hear "which one is good?" Is the one with splenda bad for you? Does anyone here think I'm funny? Customers ignored him. He bought a large frozen yogurt of some type of flavor and a vitamin water and left.

· Mon, Oct 15, around 10 30 PM, as I waited in line to get into UCB's really blue show, I saw David Thewlis at a table with a man and a woman at that Italian joint next to Birds on Franklin. They seemed like they had been sitting there for a long while. That is all.

· Saw Seth Green and a pretty gal at the "Weird Al" Yankovic show at the Greek Theater on Saturday. He was having a great time till the gal pal dragged him out two thirds through the show....He Missed out on Al doing "Alberquerque. Later that night while waiting to get in to the midnight show at the UCB, I saw Tim Meadows and his gal walk past.

· My co-workers and I went to the Abbey at noonish on Sunday for some post-AIDS Walk drinks. Since we got one of the outside tables, we were able to see the comings and goings of fellow patrons. Two of which were:

Kendra Wilkinson (one of Hef's harem from The Girls Next Door) wearing some kind of grey sweats/half tank top thingie with the rabbit logo.

T.R. Knight, who didn't look too pleased as he entered. Was it because the Abbey doesn't have any beers on tap? That's why I wasn't too pleased. I didn't get a chance to ask him for his thoughts on The Bionic Woman.

· Sunday Hillhurst & Franklin - Katherine Heigl followed by a creepy flock of paparrazi following her into a pet store. Katherine pulled up and exited her dark red ranger rover and out of the blue appeared at least 10 camera-wielding leaches that surrounded her as she got out of her car and walked the short distance to the pet store in the strip mall pet store. Super creepy but she looked hot as a jack rabbit with her hat and huge sunglasses. Hmmm I wonder what it's like to be surrounded by paps when you go to the pet store. Seems very bizarre but I would take it for a huge movie and a hit tv show. That's fur sure.

· Kevin Dillon a.k.a Johnnie Drama looking EXACTLY like he does on Entourage driving his Ford Escape hybrid SUV in bumper to bumper on the 101 going south towards Downtown LA this morning (Oct 22). Curious as to why the guy doesn't wear sunglasses on the bright morning drive as they tend to reduce wrinkles and prevent one's face from looking like 20 miles of bad road!

· Exiting Nordstrom at The Grove via the shoe department today around 1:30pm (10/16) when a strange posse caught my attention: several so-called adults and a mess-a-kids. When one of the hangers-on was exceptionally loud in a British accent in an everyone-look-at-me kind of way, I looked up and noticed a guy standing there with a security wire coming down from his ear, so of course I took a closer look at the group. Sure enough, in the middle of the very self-important mix was Victoria Beckham herself. As a side note, one of the other women had the exact same fake blond hair color and cut but was about 50 lbs. heavier than Waif Spice. To make matters even more ridiculous, there was another bodyguard posted outside at the entrance to the store. The irony is that no one would have noticed them if they weren't so obnoxious. Even so, I'm delighted to report that no one seemed to be paying much attention.

· Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, BJ Novak and another vaguely familiar looking guy and girl (other comedians?) sitting together at La Poubelle Friday night. Zach was sitting with his back to a candle and managed to catch his hair on fire. Other than that none of them did anything that exciting.

· i saw justin chambers from grey's anatomy at noon on saturday at crunch. he walked past the ellipticals to where the stretch area used to be (there are now pilates machines there) and then walked back the other way. he's a little on the short side but looks exactly like he does on TV. wish he would shave the stache and goatee!!

· 10/19, Tengu in Westwood: Dita von Teese, buttering up an older, uglier dude. As pale and thin as you'd imagine, but much 'rexier in person — makeup does a lot. [Ed. note: We're informed that Ms. von Teese was in Madrid at the time of the Westwood sighting.]

· 10/17 - A friendly Alyson Hannigan looking cute wearing wet hair and baggie, boyfriend style jeans at the Coffee Bean (they know her as Ally there) on Beverly Glen before hopping into her equally cute as a button Mini Cooper and presumably heading to Fox to get made over for How I Met Your Mother.

We saw a some of LA's Brit imports watching the Rugby World Cup on Saturday at Ye Olde Kings Head in Santa Monica - Damian Lewis ("ginger bloke" from "Saving Private Ryan" now starring in "Life" being very gallant looking for a chair for his very pregnant wife) and Mr Angelina Jolie, the early years (cant remember his real name) [Jonny Lee Miller]. Also saw Christopher Eccleston - Dr Who and the invisible guy in Heroes - but he was there to watch Man United vs Aston Villa. Sadly, the Beckhams were not in attendance.

· Last night 10/19 went to the FIND screening of The Kite Runner, which was good, and ducked out of Q & A early to grab dinner at Angelini Osteria....Who do we see there? Three (maybe four) of the leads from The Kite Runner! I know I def saw Khalid Abdalla ('Amir'), Homayon Ershadi ('Baba') and Atossa Leoni ('Soraya') enjoying a meal together with some other people. (Thank you, IMDB.) Shouldn't they have been at the Q&A? Anywho, they looked good and they were great in the film. Oh, and my meal was EXCELLENT.

· 10/17— Around noon, as I was pulling out of my office's parking lot, who do I see at the valet stand but his Doucheness Spencer Pratt from The Hills. Wearing expensive LA hipster duds and some ugly, ugly sunglasses. When the valet gave him his keys he said "Thank youuuuuu, sirrrrrrr," in a really faux-hearty manner. At least he shaved that awful blond beard.

· Saturday, October 22 Spotted: Weirdo Bai Ling at the Green Door in Hollywood Saturday night standing out in a pink hoodie, pink mini skirt and pink tights at the chandelier-draped lounge (apparently classy was out for the night). In an attempt to entertain herself, perhaps due to the lack of dancing - but apparently not due to a lack of booze - she brought new meaning to the Billy Idol song "Dancing with Myself" when she appeared to go into a booty-shaking, body rubbing trance. I especially loved the moment when while chatting with my girlfriends and sipping champagne she seemed to gravitate towards us so she could rub herself for an audience. We laughed a bit, but then immediately wondered - why is she famous again?

LAX to O'Hare Special Edition:

· Thursday Oct 11th at the Proud Bird near LAX- Matt Sorum eating a buffet lunch with an older gentleman, maybe his dad or uncle. Dude, keep eating at buffets and you won't be able to fit in the skinny rocker jeans anymore. Thursday Oct 18th Chicago O Hare airport- Just got off my United flight and who do I see waiting in one of those carts that are normally reserved for transporting elderly or handicapped people through the cavernous airport, none other than Seal and Heidi Klum. Way to draw attention to yourselves guys with a cart whose driver keeps honking his horn every 20 seconds while going everyone around you is gawking at you.