Remember Angel Hess, the "dance photographer" who lives in a '50s bread truck parked in Williamsburg? Good news! Now you can be just like him! Hello Miami Craigslist! "$1000 Artist House Williamsburg Brooklyn" you say?

I'm possibly looking to swap houses for a while next year. Maybe 3 weeks in January or February. My house is really small but in an awesome neighborhood in Williamsburg Brooklyn; only 1 stop into Brooklyn on the L subway train. My house has its own website but the photos are not up to date. You'll get the general idea though!

Well look at that, it's Hess's big purple mobile home! And it too can be yours—just in time for winter! You'd be a fool not to jump at the chance to leave Florida and live out of some dude's car, in Brooklyn, in February.

$1000 Artist House Williamsburg Brooklyn (NYC) [craigslist]

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