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It wasn't just Kiefer Sutherland's merry, drunken joyride through life that came crashing to a halt when he was stopped for a parole-violating DUI last month—so too did the party end for the ranks of professional John Hancock-procurers depending on Kiefer's autograph to put food on the table for their little ones. Sutherland now refuses to sign for them, Page Six reports, since damning shots of the slosh-faced actor taken the night of his arrest made their way onto the internets:

Autograph collectors are reeling over the "24" star's decision to stop putting his signature on memorabilia in the wake of his Sept. 25 bust for DUI, when fans and paparazzi snapped footage of him stumbling after he was pulled over at 1 a.m. "He was one of the best autograph signers there was," collector Michael Wehrmann told Page Six.

"He would always stand and sign for a half hour, but since his arrest, he's been telling collectors, 'I don't do that anymore. You guys screwed me.' " Photos taken before the arrest, showing Sutherland looking tired and emotional, were quickly posted on the Internet. The shots could have been introduced as evidence in court, but Sutherland pleaded "no contest."

While a signing blackout for full-time collectors could be devastating—shutting down entire eBay wings devoted entirely to hawking 8x10 glossies of the actor signed, "'See you in hell, Fayed!' Best wishes, Kiefer"—the implications for the casual Sutherland fan could reap untold rewards, as any scotch-stained message from the actor drunkenly scrawled on a cocktail napkin reading, "You're [illegible] hot. Call me - 310-829-[illegible] - Kie[illegible]" could now be worth a far heftier sum on the Kiefer collectible market.