In her will, the late Leslie Ann Mandel, an entrepreneur who lived in Manhattan, left $100,000, with instructions, to her 32 cockatiels. Her will asks that the birds continue to live in the style to which they have become accustomed: an aviary at her $4 million East Hampton home.

Mandel made her millions with her direct mailing “rich list,” the New York Post reports. She was married to sci-fi author Arthur Herzog, whose son, Matthew, Mandel named as trustee of the pet fund. Mandel died in June at the age of 69.

Mandel is not the first rich eccentric to leave money for their pets: hotel magnate Leona Helmsley bequeathed $12 million to her dog, Trouble, the Associated Press reports, although a judge later reduced the number to $2 million.

According to the Post, Mandel’s will lists each of the birds by name:

  1. Wheetie
  2. Port
  3. Blackie
  4. Zippy
  5. Tara
  6. Zara
  7. Shasha
  8. Pigeon (lol)
  9. Victory
  10. Alie
  11. Zack 12
  12. Dart
  13. Cubby
  14. Max
  15. Baby
  16. Ruthie
  17. Pumpkin
  18. Tattoo
  19. Susie
  20. Tracy
  21. Margie
  22. Sammy
  23. Angel
  24. Inky
  25. Sara
  26. Tundra
  27. Tanteleah
  28. Eva
  29. Cody
  30. Nicki
  31. Avis
  32. Dragon

(“Pigeon,” lol.)

If the birds have to leave East Hampton, Mandel dictated that they can be moved to “a protected place of similar size and dimension, made of the same materials, without a cage, for the rest of their natural lives.”

Also, the cockatiels are to share their $100,000 with her dog, Frosty, and her cat, Kiki.

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