Did you know that BlackBook magazine has a blog called "Into the Black"? No? Well, why would you? We only noticed it because of their current stunt—now that prostituting their editorial intern has gone so well, they've got a marketing intern on offer. But what else is on this blog?

Turns out there are capsule reviews of cultural things, like mainstream rock concerts—"New York's favorite Blondie Takes Over The Fillmore"— and restaurants that have been open for a while—"Room For Two At Market Table." There's a weekly events-listing post. The whole thing is markedly like New York magazine's Daily Intel, except the writing is more along the lines of "Kids, without [Duran Duran], there'd be no Scissor Sisters, Killers, Strokes, and even little Franz Ferdinand. Or at least, they'd sound quite a bit different."

Why come this website sucks so bad? Well, maybe it's because they're in the process of staffing up!

How do we know? Because this email landed in our inbox, and similar ones in the inboxes of a few bloggers we know, a couple weeks ago.

My name is [Redacted], and I am with BlackBook Magazine. We are hiring a full web department and am hoping to speak with you on your experience at Gawker. Get in touch, [Redacted's first initial].

I never did obey the command to "get in touch," maybe because this email seemed exactly like the email some fug yet inexplicably confident dude you met at a party sends you the next day asking you out for a drink. Like, "what am I doing wrong that he thinks he'd have a shot with me?"