The National Book Critics Circle blog, called "Critical Mass," is the place we go to get unreasonable and uninformed comment on matters of the day. But now it's reaching new heights of excitement! Blogs Joan Silber, a 2004 National Book Award Finalist: "As it happens, I'm talking to you during the particular week when I'm moving out of a loft in Noho where I've lived for 33 years."

Yes, as it happens—if you will! She's throwing out a bunch of her stuff, including old documents, and is...

"...worried about the garbage bags being ripped open on the sidewalk at night, as they often are on my street, and the entire neighborhood suddenly leaning over to read the letter some agent wrote to me in 1977, expressing regret that while my talent was certainly evident, the material I had submitted was not likely to meet any reader's interest or current market needs, although he or she certainly wished me luck elsewhere..."

Actually, the good people of NoLIta probably do not find you or your garbage that interesting, hon, but now that we know, we'll be right over.

They also post a weekly "list of five books a critic believes reviewers should have in their libraries." Or else.