Hot on the heels of the news that Patrick "NYGirlOfMyDreams" Moberg is in talks to sell movie rights to the story of his whirlwind fake romance with BlackBook intern Camille Hayton, the original most annoying couple-brand of the Internet has upped the ante. Yes: Vimeo/College Humor moneyman Jakob Lodwick and Star Editor at Large Julia Allison have made of their hearts one heart and of their websites, one website.

"Weird thing about Julia #1: The woman has almost zero cultural knowledge whatsoever ... I like her, so I see these bizarre traits not as something to laugh at, but as a great potential," blogs Jakob.

Ooh! Cosmo headline idea! 'Is 'Condescending' The New 'Cute'?'

But don't worry! Jakob is going to introduce Julia to all the important cultural touchstones she's been missing out on. "It's the chance to expose her to classic art that all my friends and I have loved for years. For example, she doesn't know who Radiohead is. This is not a joke. I can't wait to sit her down with a copy of OK Computer, dim the lights, and melt into that incredible album."


For her part, Julia acknowledges that blogging the flowering of a romance might seem a bit odd to most people. "Perhaps you wouldn't want to discuss this sort of thing online (or maybe anywhere!)," she writes. "I get that - I wouldn't expect most people to be comfortable with this. That having been said, I've been a dating columnist for over five years now; it's a natural - and fascinating - next step to analyze a realtionship as it evolves. I couldn't imagine a better learning experience."

Maybe she'll even eventually "learn" the "fascinating" truth that she's been the best promotional tool her fameball boyfriend's business could ever hope for! Or maybe not.