Evite released stats this week revealing that somehow, December 15th is the partyingest day of the entire year. Evites have been sent for 100,000 parties on that dreadful Saturday. According to Citysearch, "in New York alone, there are already 8,000 parties planned for a total of 275,000 invited guests, making New York the No. 1 'Super Saturday' party city in the U.S." That's more parties than New Year's Eve, Halloween, and the Super Bowl. And it needs to stop.

While we summarily delete all Evites without checking the date, we've received no less than three Facebook invites for parties on the 15th and one Google Calendar Event invitation. We're sure that's not the end of it.

Which is why we are calling on all of you to stay in next Saturday. It'll be cold as fuck, your friend lives off the G, they implied it's BYOB, even if it isn't they only buy shitty wine, vodka, and Bud tallboys, one of these things is a potluck, none of your friends have any good shit now that prices have shot up, you want to be up in time to catch the Steelers/Cowboys game the next afternoon, and it's cold as fuck. It's just not worth it.

Stop it, New York. Please.

If you really, desperately need to have us over to trash your apartment, make a gallon of Hot Toddy and invite us over to watch House or something.

Evite Puts NYE In Its Place: Data Shows 12/15 Will Be Biggest Party Night of the Year [Imbible/Citysearch]