Writes Baltimore City Paper columnist Mr. Wrong: "I'm sick of this every-other-week crap, so if you have a 'hole' (that's newspaper talk for 'space') and you are interested in filling it with column, please note my second item of this year's 'Top Ten,' which is getting paid, because I really dig on that hard and deep, almost as much as I used to dig on the Subway Sub Club until they kicked everybody out of it, which two years later still pisses me off because I was only two stamps away from getting a half of a foot-long tuna on wheat, with provolone, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, red hots, and salt and pepper put on my sub in that exact order as I slid my feet sideways with my hands almost touching the Subway spit guard, watching the Subway Sandwich Conductor lay plastic-coated mitts on my toppings, but now I totally boycott Subway until they do a Sub Club Amnesty or something. Really, man, I bet I'm not the only estranged and disillusioned Sub Clubber holding an almost-full stamp card, hah? Anyway, if you have a place to put Weekly Wrong, why don't you just go ahead and contact me at my exciting new e-mail address, wrongcolumn@gmail.com." [City Paper]