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Heard of OC-80? It's the Valley's next big drug, the strongest dose available of OxyContin — the same pain pills that got Rush Limbaugh hooked. A Valleywag informant who's a recovering OC-80 user himself says addicts are easy to spot: They're the ones who keep rushing to the front desk, asking if the FedEx deliveries have arrived yet. That's because the pills which get here are most frequently overnighted from L.A., where doctors are more willing to skirt the law and write prescriptions. It's expensive, and therefore deemed classy: People pay $70 a pill retail, $40 in bulk. Not that you're going to look especially swank while you scrape off the green coating, crush it, and snort it. Here's our tipster's tale of the real OC.

Why don't you publish more stories about the drug culture in the Valley? You do know that everyone who's anyone is on drugs. Mostly OC-80 pain killers, since they are the expensive $40/pill drug and much better than cocaine. Haven't you seen what goes on at parties? I don't know how to explain it as a previous addict (I haven't had pills in 6+ months), but you can spot everyone else like you a mile away, and even now my conversations turn to drugs.

I recently did contract work for a company and the last person I interviewed with and I knew a common person, suddenly we made a drug joke, and pretty soon we both were on the same page, it's like a secret club, and I got the contract.

You have no idea (or maybe you do) the amount of prescription painkillers flowing in Silicon Valley. If you think that Hollywood has drug problems, the Valley is way, way worse. It's just that people keep it much more secret.

I can't even remember all the times I've been at some of the top 10 companies in the valley snorting OC with somebody who's on the board of a big company. It's sad really, I don't know how to explain it. After having spent two years addicted to OC and spending $100k+ and being a well functioning addict, I feel sorry for people who are on pills. It just makes me crazy somedays to know that everyone says drugs are bad, but EVERYONE who runs the world is on them....

If what our tipster says is true, he's far from alone. Got a story? Send it in. Discretion assured.