What a year it's been here for video! Men flashing newscasters, babies getting kicked, couches getting humped, Forbes editors weeping and swearing, Fox News explaining donkey-punching—life is grand! Our Richard Blakeley has reviewed the year here at Gawker on video, and assembled both this marvelous cut-to-the-chase montage and ranked the ten best.

10. Weeping 'Forbes' Editor Deprived of BlackBerry

9. Local Newscaster Gets Frank Opinion

8. Don't Tase Me Bro

7. Patrice Oneal Explains Donkey-Punching On Fox News

6. Pink Polos, Popped Collars, and Ponies

5. Jim Cramer Flips Wig Over Mortgage Rates Or Something

4. Couch-Humping Masterpiece Inspires Blog-Related Homage

3. Thriller

2. Emotional Fan Defends Britney Spears

1. Times Square Still Extremely Unsafe For Children