Ex-Conde Nast president and recently deceased Steve Florio didn't always really get on with one-time GQ publisher and model for Mr. Big model Ron Galotti, a fact which would have come to light in Florio's tell-all memoir had it not been squashed by more prudent minds. But at his funeral over the phone with Observer's John Koblin on Monday, Mr. Galotti said, "A lot is always written about myself and the Steve Florios. But I would hope you understand that when you get older, you forget the bad. You just do. You really try to focus on the good. And my memories of Steve Florio are all good. And I'm lucky to have had him as a friend." The Steve Florios, may they rest in peace.

Who did make it out to pay tribute to the Steve Florios at St. Ignatius? Anna Wintour, who showed up arm-in-arm with SI Newhouse: David Remnick, who said a few words, some of them kind and Graydon Carter which means for a brief time on Monday, you could actually walk into the Waverly Inn and get a seat. [NYO]