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The venerable and undeniably relevant American Film Institute has brought us hours upon hours of pleasurable television viewing in the past with their not-at-all boring "100 Years" series. We just KNOW that each and every one of you found your pants simultaneously bursting at the seams when our great nation finally found out which sidesplitting film reigned burrito supreme in their "100 Years ... 100 Laughs" poll, and of course we're all well aware of the important role that our No Child Left Behind funding has played in encouraging schoolchildren to memorize the AFI's "100 Years ... 100 Passions" list. Though we will certainly gather our grandchildren 'round the fire one day and regale them with the many thousands of memorable moments that these television specials provided for us, we understand that the AFI must too progress, lest it suffer the fate of irrelevance in these ADD times of ours. Hence, it's bye-bye Top 100 and hello Top 10.

As that young rapscallion David Letterman discovered long ago, Top 10 lists are gold! Everybody loves lists! And what's the only thing better than one long list? Yep, you guessed it, ten smaller ones! When the "AFI's 10 Top 10" special debuts in June, our long national nightmare of not knowing which films to add to our Blu-Ray collection will finally come to an end. They will be awarding prizes in the categories of animation, fantasy, science fiction, gangster, Western, sports, romantic comedy, courtroom drama (come on, Star Chamber!), mystery and epic film genres. But what we're REALLY excited for is next year's special, which is set to include the categories of volcano movies, body switch flicks, fish out of water tales and cop-and-K9 pictures. Set your TiVos, people!