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Stories like the one that you are about to read are the reason we REALLY missed watching The Golden Globes this year. While we weren't at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza for last night's DGA Awards, one of our loose-lipped Defamer informants just sent us the following tip regarding an incident involving an the one of Hollywood's most unpredictable actresses, Sean Young. Yes, the same Sean Young who once appeared on The Joan Rivers Show decked out in full Catwoman gear in hopes of landing the role that would go to Michelle Pfieffer. Anyway, after taking time to hurl insults towards both Marion Cotillard and Julian Schnabel (the former en français, no less!), the scourge of James Woods' life was (allegedly) booted from the premises by a security cop. Our tipster's highly amusing recollection of the incident follows after the jump.

as a faithful reader of your blog, I just wanted to tell you about the AWESOME drama at the DGA Awards Saturday night at the Century City Hotel. Things were pretty calm for the dinner, but once the award portion of the evening began, has-been actress Sean Young started to get rowdy. She started talking loudly through out the times screaming in French at the stage when that French actress from La Vie en Rose [Ed. Note - That'd be Marion Cotillard] took the other times breaking into song. She yelled at a video clip of George Clooney from Michael Clayton and then would start nuzzling the neck of her date (who seemed oblivious) but it was when Julian Schnabel took the stage toward the end of the evening that she really went kook...yelling at him to "get on with it" and to "move it on" (The DGA Awards are unique, they let all of the film nominees say something about their films and thank their crews before naming the winner at the end of the night). Julian yelled back at her to "Have another drink, Honey" and started to leave the stage before the crowd yelled at him to stay. He continued to talk and Sean stood up and mad a big production of putting on her white fur coat, walking around in a circle and then taking her seat again. Finally a security guard came over and grabbed her arm and yanked her through the tables to the side door and tossed her out. Still can't figure out who her date was (he looked like a lawyer ohhhh he's going to get it at work come Monday).

Oh yes, there's other thing that we just remembered that gives this tale even a bit more creedence. Sean Young told Entertainment Weekly back in September about her unsuccessful attempts to crash Vanity Fair's annual Oscar party back in 2006. We find that to be very Interesting Spice.

UPDATE: Looks like Var's Kris Tapley may have been the first one to break this story. Check out his recap, posted earlier this afternoon at 12:02pm.