Back in the 1990s, crime author Patricia Cornwell (of the Kay Scarpetta series) seduced Margo Bennett, an FBI agent. It sort of didn't work out: Bennett's husband, also an agent, planned a kidnapping and attempted murder in revenge. (Perhaps proving that most men are only into the film versions of lesbian affairs). Love's a bitch! Page Six details the hot action, as detailed by upcoming book Twisted Triangle.

As they sat in chairs next to each other, Patsy [Cornwell] kept swiveling around and touching Margo's leg with the toe of her shoe . . . As they talked, Margo felt the blood coursing through her veins, very aware of the close proximity of her body to Patsy's. It felt dangerous. Wrong. Thrilling.

Cutting to the chase, the author and FBI agent "undressed each other and got into Patsy's bed, a soft inviting sea of powder blue, where they made love more than an hour." Bennett felt "intimacy, calm and peace."

Cornwell ruined the postcoital glow by sending the agent to her psychic almost immediately afterward. Girls are weird. [Page Six]