In this era of hard and difficult facts, there is perhaps no greater discussion than whether a fictional character would be that most intangible of titles, a Blogger. Guest of a Guest, a blog, poses such a question today about our favorite glammed-up stroke victim, Carrie Bradshaw (from that Sex and the City program.) The character was a dating columnist, and it's begun to seem de rigeur for such types to hop on the internet and rattle off their thoughts. Now that it's 2008 and everyone else does, would Carrie Bradshaw blog??

Guest guesses that if she did have a blog it would be a mix between noted lady blog Jezebel, real-life dating columnist and gad about town Julia Allison's Tumblr blog, and maybe Fashionista (also a blog.) That's a strong cosmo. But, as the post says, "She's not real, but bloggers are." She lives a far more exciting life (fancy parties, even fancier clothes) than a real blogger would. A cruel fact. They ask, though, if it did exist, would you read it? If Carrie was real. Or if you were not. And you existed in the same not-real universe. And you read blogs. Which raises a more interesting question: Would you read blogs if you weren't real and another not-real person who you liked when you were real wrote a not-real blog?