We can't help but sympathize with actor Wesley Snipes when it comes to his tax trial crazytalk. I mean, I couldn't be bothered to file taxes for the last two years either, so I just didn't! Screw it, right? Wrong. The NYT calls Snipes' case ""the most prominent tax prosecution in nearly two decades." He is in so much trouble: his own lawyer is calling his anti-tax views "kooky." Excerpts from his manifesto to the IRS follow.

The return of stolen funds CANNOT be called a "refund," because the I.R.C. doesn't address what to do with illegally withheld or STOLEN earnings, not does it call such funds "refunds."

Whatever the case is, thank you for taking the time to educate me and help me comply with what the letter of the law requires, which has always been my sincere desire as a patriotic, law-abiding, repsonsible American like yourself who is simply trying to lawfully disassociate with what I regard as a corrupted, lawless, unaccountable oppressor of our constitutionally protected rights, in fulfillment of my, Natural, and First Amendment right to disassociate. [NYT]