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Have things really gotten so rough for Jennifer Aniston that she's gone from dating cokehead models to taking movie roles just so she can date the leading man? That's what this article on Jen's new relationship with Traveling co-star Aaron Eckhart seems to be implying. According to the Daily Mail, Eckhart "personally requested Aniston for the part...and Jen's entire reason for doing this movie was Aaron." Before we got carried away imagining the potential for very cute little blonde Ecklets with rhinoplastic trust funds, we tried to figure out if this "rumor" had any substance.

Of course we're the last ones to believe silly dating rumors, but we couldn't help noticing the girl's age: 39 as of last week. Not to mention her rap sheet on dating set buddies. (Will those awkward kneeling-on-the-beach pictures with Vince Vaughn ever be erased from our memory? Please?) Plus, Aaron apparently ditched that nice bland blonde he's been dragging to red carpets right before filming. So, as annoying as it is to learn that stars sometimes use movies as means to find significant others, we're gonna have to root for this couple to succeed. Especially after reading that Aniston has reportedly been "heartbroken" ever since some relationship with some guy named Brad Pitt. Who knew?

[Photo Credit: Daily Mail]