The current season of CBS' Big Brother has the objective of setting up its contestants with their soul mates. As we mentioned before, there were two gay guys on the show who were supposedly meant for each other (though one of them recently left.) Well now it looks like there may be a third homo. Well, he's at least gay-for-pay. It would seem that "Crazy" James, a 21-year-old from Sarasota who was paired up with a girl on the show, has, erm, done a little less-than-straight adult work in the past. I for one am shocked and appalled that someone on such a prestigious cornerstone of the highly reputable reality TV genre should be associated with such filth. Abandon all hope ye who click further, it's all NSFW. [ohnotheydidn't] After the jump, a Safe For Work clip of "Crazy" James on the show, talking about his interesting life (and probably providing an explanation for the porn.)