The Washington Post introduces us to the delightful Paranoia, circulation 15,000. It's been around since 1992, but they try to keep a low profile because of... well, you know. The magazine's two editors "attempt to publish a 'provocative, unpredictable mix' of conspiracy theories," and they "try not to have a house conspiracy style." What's inside?

This issue of Paranoia also reveals that David Icke, the British conspiracy theorist who disclosed in a previous issue of Paranoia that the queen of England is really a shape-shifting Satanic reptile, is himself funded by money that comes from the Rockefellers, who Icke had previously identified as "reptilian full-bloods."

And that's not all. The new issue of Paranoia also has a story about Lt. Col. Tom Bearden a "microphysics wizard" who has revealed that "1) Nothing contains everything" and "2) we can get something for nothing." Bearden is a genius who knows how to get unlimited free energy but his knowledge is suppressed by what he calls "an agency with a three letter acronym." [Washington Post]

Adds the mag's website: "Now the wire is tightening. It's time for everybody to wake up!"