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somewhat edited to make it appear more exciting. The Village Voice sneaks into a taping and finds out that while the show is only one hour on TV, the taping takes several hours more. And the people don't run around nearly as much in the actual studio—some chefs were even seen stacking up spices, instead of throwing them around wildly as they rushed to complete their gourmet dish in time to bring it over to the celebrity judges. Kind of funny, though: the network uses body doubles for iron chefs Bobby Flay and Mario Batali, on the days they won't be competing. Well, no use dragging Batali out of bed for nothing. When the Voice's Robert Sietsema sees dishes being replaced before they get to the judges, he is outraged; when he feels the wrong guy wins the competition, he is dismayed. If you take "Iron Chef" much too seriously, this is the investigative piece you've been waiting for [VV]. If not, just check out this judge on the show saying "penis:"