We are kind of loving The Root, maybe unfairly called The Black Slate upon its launch by Washington Post/Newsweek Interactive (which also owns Slate, a.k.a. "The White Slate"). This column, by Lawrence Bobo, is a fine example of why. Here is the magic formula for becoming a successful Conservative Black Pundit:

You first take small incidents out of day-to-day experience and cast them as proof of a stereotypical weakness about blacks or African American culture more broadly. Then you caustically deride black leaders as compromised victimologists who would excuse even the most absurd behavior. And finally, you praise the virtues of a "mainstream" (read: white) common sense that knows better. This is a playbook worth studying carefully since, I'm told, the job pays well.

See? But because he is a liberal (and an academic!), Bobo's column is in "The Black Slate" and not published in 500 (white) newspapers. Unfair!

Secrets of the Neocon Noir [TheRoot]