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Sad news for all you caffeine addicts out there: no, not the same old about how you're killing your heart, raising your blood pressure and such. Starbucks is closing! For three very important hours, that is. Today, starting at 5:30pm (peak post-work fueling time!), all 7,100 Starbucks locations will shut down for three hours. Why the oddly timed shutdown? Seems following 600 layoffs announced this week, Howard Schultz needs to infuse his remaining employees with some (very exciting and motivating!) training. But not to worry: rival Dunkin Donuts is offering 99 cent cups from 1 to 10 today. So even if you can't get your usual Venti Vanilla Creme With 3.4 Peppermint Shots and a 1/2 inch layer of whipped cream (low-fat, natch), you can still fake-smile your way through a half-and-half-drenched cup of Rachel Ray's favorite joe. [CNN]