Good news, boys! You can finally get a date with Scarlett Johansson, the S&M circus girl of your dreams. Like a firefighter from Staten Island, she's auctioning herself off for charity (specifically, OXFAM). The highest bidder will enjoy not only ScarJo's company, but a ride in a fancy limousine (like a millionaire or something!), the chance to go to the premiere of her new movie He's Just Not That Into You, and (the crown jewel) a note handwritten by the actress herself. I can't decide what will be more awkward: the quiet limousine ride where the fact that you paid for her time is so palpable you can feel it slapping you in the face, or the end-of-date mortification of Scarlett, obviously in a hurry, shoving a little piece of paper into your hand and saying "Uh, here's your note. It says 'Hi'" and then running away. The current bid on Ebay is $205. Ah, the greater good! [Us]