Chace Crawford, the chiseled young actor who plays Nate on Gossip Girl, is, reportedly, moving in with former NSYNC boy band member (and current stupid dance show judge) JC Chasez. O ho! So either they're lovers (which is the scuttlebutt) or the pair just wants to save a little money on rent or something, what with this ever troubling economy and all. Maybe they're just each other's chick chasing "wingman" or whatever; an idea put forth, with convenient timing, by Page Six today. Our theory: "is he or isn't he" gay speculation is one of the cornerstones of success for a show like Gossip Girl, which will never openly court the gays, but always make winking nods in their direction. This is all just the CW manipulating their product and continually tweaking their floppy haired sex robot's hardwiring. Oh, and poor JC? Well, he's just grateful that people know he's alive. [Queerty] After the jump, Crawford talking about kissing girls.