While Hollywood has yet to spark to David Sedaris quite as enthusiastically as they have his sister Amy (why we've yet to see the movie based on that Barrel Fever story about the adopted Vietnamese hooker is beyond us. And they say there aren't enough great parts for women. Hmph!), we're certain the NPR-listening and book-reading factions among you are already familiar with his work.

Sadly, in these Amazon Kindle-pirating times, making a living as an author is a lot more difficult than it used to be. We weren't even aware, as the hilarious kids at Weak Nights have informed us, that Sedaris has been moonlighting as a pizza guy just to make ends meet. You're guaranteed to get your pie and some bleak reminiscences in 30 minutes or less, before he's gone again on his next run, shirttails flapping in the breeze behind him, like unambitious dragons.