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Former NYC club king turned amateur blogger Steve Lewis gets the scoop today on Danny A, the "Super Promoter" who was also the dude driving Leo Dicaprio when he got pulled over the other day (big news). It's tempting to mock this nightlife circle jerk, but we actually kinda like Steve Lewis' style, which is to tell it like it is because he clearly doesn't feel like he has a damn thing left to prove in his chosen industry. Feel free to read all about Danny A if you want, but far more entertaining is Steve's intro, where he accurately breaks down the connection between clubs, celebrities and regular people (sheep):

Now this is not a gossip column and we touch on celebrities because most clubs treat celebrities as commodities. Their names are used to draw the public to events or appear boldface in the magazines and newspapers, placed there by either the celebrity's publicist or the PR firm that is on the club's payroll. These PR firms coordinate name placement at the numerous star-studded charity events that clubs host for free or on the cheap. Celebrities swarm to charity events, some even for the right reasons. It is perceived, correctly, that the image or news of a celebrity at a club will attract the gawking masses on future nights. What the public expects to find when they visit the club on the next Saturday night and what they expect to achieve by seeing Paris in the flesh; well I'm not sure. It's some strange Win a Date with Tad Hamilton or Simple Life fantasy working overtime.