Barack Obama won another caucus last weekend. Did you even notice? He holds a pledged delegate lead over Hillary Clinton, and it is looking increasingly unlikely that that lead will shrink as we approach the Democratic National Convention. Nor does it seem likely that either candidate will surge ahead in the upcoming primaries enough to clinch the nomination with pledged delegates alone. Which means that it comes down to Superdelegates, the party bigwigs named by the DNC to make sure we don't end up without another Jimmy Carter. They are beholden to no one, they may align themselves with whomever they wish. And while we know many of them as our elected representatives, some of them, like members of the College Democrats and the Young Democrats of America, are just some drunks on Facebook. A Gawker operative compiled this charming gallery of the youngest Superdelegates (we're reasonably assured of their accuracy) demonstrating their superiority over you, the lowly voter, in this grand democratic experiment. Also they are singing karaoke and smiling happily before the grave of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.