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So a middle-aged couple that lives in Las Vegas decided to splurge and take their daughter and her friends out to a hot nightclub (owned by the same people whose bouncers make half a million a year) for the daughter's 21st birthday [LV Sun]. Dad lines up reservations, and is led to believe he'll spend $1,000 for the night. Instead, he gets run through the wringer and extorted for tips by every bum employee in the place, until he's spent twice as much—including $120 for bathroom tips, and $100 to a security goon to "ensure their safety." Now he's pissed! It's easy to make fun of the old-people-at-a-club meme, but these were parents trying to do something nice for their daughter, and getting hustled by shady club people who saw them as easy marks. We must support them! It's like somebody taking advantage of your mom and dad.

Their sense of outrage is refreshing. Lots of people line up zombie-style and shuffle in and out of "fun" clubs, tossing out money left and right, every night. We've all done it before. But mostly, although you know the night was a ripoff, you just shrug and tell yourself that's how it is.

Not the Hendersons! As much as most people would dread their parents going with them to a club like this (I mean, I think it's sweet, it's just not for me personally), maybe the LAX club should fear the parents more. Their daughter would have been thrilled to get in and party no matter what; dad, on the other hand, is like, "The fuck?"

And now it's all over the papers. As a bad thing! Not how things always happen in Vegas! We love the sweet smell of nightlife pretension burning in the morning.

Do not allow your parents into these shitty clubs, people!

To hear the Hendersons relate their bad experience on video, click here.

[pic and video via Las Vegas Sun]