We take it all back: yesterday, we sniped at handbag designer Mary Rambin (also BFF of Star talking head Julia Allison, and older sister of jailbait soap star Leven) for getting the cosmetic filler Restylane in her face. After all, we said, she's only 26 — and vanity is a sin! But then we watched the before-and-after video, which could just as easily serve as a paid advertisement for a.) the celeb dermatologist Dr. Bobby, or b.) Restylane. (For all we know, she's under contract with both!) The video hit a little too close to home. Actually, it put the fear of God into us: Rambin got her nasolabial folds — aka "marionette" or smile lines — injected, 'cause hers were quite prominent... as are mine, I've been noticing for the past year. Now, instead of scolding other people for public vanity, all I can think is a.) How much? and b.) Where do I sign up? Bring it on! (Click for the video.)

Dr. Bobby from Meghan Asha on Vimeo.