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Longtime readers of Defamer know that we like nothing better than to break up the day with a dip into the Defamer Connections basket. This is L.A., however, where every taste and mathematical combination must be accounted for in the worthwhile pursuit of getting one's freak on, and thus requiring us to sometimes stretch the definition and who and what, exactly, constitutes a "connection." Which brings us to today's installment, via Craigslist:

Are you Carrot Top? - mw4m - 32

Us: Cute, fun, hipster couple Los Feliz, hoping to meet Carrot Top. Are you Carrot Top? We really like your body. We're really into your whole "look." Him: Thirty-two, tallish & 180 lbs. Her: Twenty-six, medium-height and busty brunette.

If you're free, and not scared to meet some new friends (and fans!), please let us know!

It never even occurred to us that something so simple as a Craigslist ad could put an adoring and sexually adventurous couple within touching distance of Carrot Top, the real-world Batman villain created when a mild-mannered comic fell into a vat of radioactive toxic sewage at the Acme Oversized Props factory. We can only hope that our modest efforts will bring them that much closer to realizing their dreams of hanging off those freckled, cantaloupe-sized biceps, and determining once and for all if their comedy hero is a top in name alone.