The Bachelor's movable harem made a pit-stop in Vegas last night for the second of two group dates. To be quite frank, the entire enterprise took a dive towards the mundane after being robbed of the effervescent presence of Bachelors in Nutrition-holding contestant Stacey, whose undiscovered-disease-curing ambitions could one day save millions of lives lost to cancer's even deadlier sequel.

But with Stacey gone, we now turn to the second most interesting bottle-blonde prospect: actress Shayne, who in the premiere's most stunning confession, revealed that she has long lived in the shadow of her famous father and grandfather, Lorenzo and Fernando Lamas. So accustomed is this hottie—genetically engineered to withstand even her exacting father's laser-pointed flawbservations—to getting what she wants, she basically refuses to capitulate to the show's central premise of 25 desperate, backstabbing women "eyeing for" the blue ribbon steed of their dreams. In the confrontation above, she admits as much, whereupon Sexiest British Bachelor Ever Matt Grant calmly explains that, sorry lady, those are the rules, get back in line with the rest of the biological-clock-ticking wenches 'til your ovaries start salivating 'round rose-distribution time.