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Yahoo's VP of platform engineering Eric Boyd is leaving Yahoo after ten years at the company, according to a source. Boyd, pictured here with friend Kyle and actress Kate Bosworth at the premiere of card-sharp thriller 21, made a name for himself as a member of the MIT card-counting team the current box office smash is based on. At Yahoo, he helped developed the user database, mail systems, My Yahoo portal, and most recently, the company's OpenSocial project, reporting to do-little EVP Ash Patel. What might have convinced him to go? I mean, besides the whole Microsoft thing?

The prospect of working on Apex, the promised "one ad platform to unite them all" which is mired in managerial turf wars, under Boyd's former mentor, rising tech star Qi Lu. Where's he going to? Mochi Media, an Accel Partners-backed startup which inserts online ads in Flash games.